• Alabama Ammo, Inc
    Custom reloading shop. sells loaded ammunition, bullets, cases, and related to reloading materials. have sabots and loading data. serious software available for the reloader. technical services available. ranier, dillon, redding,  magnus and lee products available.
  • Arms & Ammo
    Retailer of many brands of ammo components (primers, powder, bullets,reloading equipment, dies, etc.) (located in MO)
  • Barnes Bullets
    This bullet manufacturer’s site is ‘loaded’ with information – reloading tips, FAQ, dealer locations, etc.
  • Berger Bullets, Ltd.
    Site includes on-line catalog of products with pricing
  • Best Shot Shooting Supply Inc
    Manufacturers of best shot ammunition and custom casting bullets. full line gun shop. wah-maker cowboy action shooting clothes dealer
  • Bill Shipman – Muzzleloading gunmaker
    Flintlock longrifles for the discriminating shooter and collector
  • Bp Bullets
    Muzzleloader bullets and accessories, including Precision Rifle’s Dead Center, QT .40s and Extreme
  • C&R Wax Bullets
    Competing in fast draw, practicing cowboy action shooting, or simply training with your revolver, c and r wax bullets are an inexpensive and simple way to go.
  • Combined Technology
    Nosler and Winchester combined to make supreme hunting bullets
  • Corbin Bullet Swaging
    Extensive information about bullet swaging dies, presses, supplies, technique, and list of custom bullet makers.
  • Diamondback Custom Bullet Fabricators
    Custom bullet maker. You define the bullet and they build it
  • GS Custom Bullets
    Manufacturer of cnc lathe-turned, high velocity, monometallic hunting and sport shooting bullets. Made in South Africa and proven on the toughest game on the planet.
  • Golden Eagle Bullet Works Inc
    Manufactoring Extreme jacketed , fusion bonded bullets for both hunting and competition shooters
  • Gun Related Info
    Lyman Mold Information – and Illinois Gun Show Schedules
  • Hornady
    Bullet manufacturer home page – includes product listings and company history
  • Meister Bullets, Inc
    Manufacturer of the slug-your-barrel kit, hard cast bullets and hard swaged bullets
  • National Bullet Co,America’s best Cast bullets
    Manufacturer of Cast bullets & Ammuntion (hard cast, copper plated and jacketed) (Ohio)
  • No Excuses Muzzleloading Bullets
    Muzzleloading bullets of match-grade quality. each is individually weighed and sized to ensure shot-to-shot consistency
  • Nosler Inc.
    Manufacturer of Bullets
  • Sierra Bullets
    Bullet manufacturer on the web. Has on-line list of bullets and dealer/distributor directory
  • The Flite Line Bullets’ Page
    Hard Cast Bullets Manufacturer – features on-line pricing
  • Wolf Bullets
    Offers cast and jacketed bullets, once fired brass, etc.(ontario, canada)
  • arrowridge enterprise
    remanufactured ammunition, reloading components, and authorized distributor for dillon precicion reloading equip and west coast bullets
  • c.c.b.&r.
    supplier of reloading equipment, components, and ammunition
  • precision rifle
    custom muzzleloader bullets
  • rce co
    offers a complete line of bullet swaging equipment from .12 caliber to 20mm. hand presses, hydraulic presses and accessories are available for swaging metal jacketed, all lead, or paper patched bullets

Bullet Swaging Equipment Supply and Bullet Swaging Dies

Bullet swaging refers to the process of using pressure to forge bullets under room temperature. The bullet swager will use a die to hold the bullet material and seal the die with punches. The pressure from the punches will force the material, which can be lead and powdered metal, or jacketed metal, into the mold to form bullets of desired dimensions. Bullet swaging dies are diamond-lapped steel dies with high carbide content, and they can make highly concentrated projectiles. This means that the bullets that are made by the swaging method will be more precise. Those who wish to swage bullets can find lots of bullet swaging equipment and supplies on the Internet.

  • RCE: Provider of a wide range of equipment and supplies for bullet swaging.
  • Corbin: A leading manufacturer of bullet swaging equipment.
  • Hawk Bullets: Complete line of products for swaging pistol bullets.
  • RCBS: RCBS is a trusted brand for bullet swaging equipment.
  • Ammo Load Worldwide: Maker of high quality equipment for swaging rifle and handgun ammunition.
  • CH4D: Buy high-precision bullet swaging dies from this reputable manufacturer.
  • Dillon Precision: An extensive selection of bullet swaging equipment and accessories.
  • Dixie Gun Works: This online gun and ammo store has excellent dies, presses, and other equipment for bullet swaging.
  • Arms and Ammo: A website that has a wide variety of equipment for swaging bullets.
  • Midway USA: Find lots of Montana Precision bullet swaging tools and supplies in this website.

Which of the following is NOT one of the "Three Ws" that should be included in every hunting plan?

What firearm you are hunting with.
Who you are with.
When you are returning.
Where you are going.


What technique can be described as "slow, patient movement of the hunter into shooting position after game has been located"?

Stand Hunting
Still Hunting


Which species is there federal hunting laws for?

Wood Duck
Ring-knecked pheasant
Snowshoe hare
White-tailed Deer


Which field carry provides the most firearm control?



Which choice is NOT recommended when approaching downed wildlife?

Approach quietly from behind.
Poke animal gently with a stick.
Touch the eye gently, if there's no reaction, animal is usually dead.
Shoot it again before approaching to make sure it is dead.


What is the technique known as "driving"?

One hunter sitting in a blind waiting for game to come along.
One hunter moving slowly and patiently into shooting position after game has been located.
One or more pushers walk through an area trying to move game ahead of them into areas wehre blockers are waiting.
One hunter driving a vehicle and a second hunter in the back set shooting through the open window.


Scouting an area you want to hunt should include:

Walk around the area on opening day with your firearm or bow.
Walk around the area looking for animal movements and signs.
Look at maps and aerial photos of the area.
Answers B and C.


Which of the following is NOT a reason why you should develop a hunting plan for every hunt?

So friends and family know how to contact you in case of emergency.
So you can use your hunting plan to start a fire if you get lost.
So fellow hunters know where you are located.
So friends and family know where you can be found in case of a hunting accident.


Which of these items should be on every checklist included in your hunting plan?

Hunting license


Which of these does NOT violate a hunting safety rule?

Carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle.
Keeping your finger on the trigger while stalking game.
Two hunters shooting at the same game.
Identifying what lies beyond an identified target.