Alphabetic Index of Links


  • v-line industries
    security cases and cabinets for the home, office, or rv.
  • vaapensport - norway
    info about guns in general and benelli in particular. in norwegian and english.
  • Valkyrie Arms, Ltd. Home Page
    Valkyrie Arms, Ltd manufactures semi-automatic versions of military machine guns. The web site includes product descriptions and prices. It also includes image, sound and quote files to download.
  • Valley Firearms and Self-Defense Training
    Firearms sales and self-defense training offered to civilians and law enforcement officers.
  • valor corporation
    valor is a distributor of knives, firearms, police supplies, martial arts, and self defense products
  • Variable's Gun Link Page
    Based on military and other assault style weapons.Has a large variety of links
  • varide cicognani competition guns
    site features articles on benchrest shooting issues in both italian and english
  • Varmint Hunters
    From the publishers of The Varmint Hunter Magazine, includes: reloading tips, ballistic charts, powder burn rate listing
  • varner sporting arms company
    manufacturer of the new varner favorite .22 caliber single shot rifle.closely modeled after the turn of the century gun made by j. stevens arms and tool company
  • vector arms
    uzi firearms and accessories, semi-auto and full auto mfg
  • Vermont Gunsmiths
    All aspects of gunsmithing including engraving and restoration.
  • verney-carron
    french gunmaker since 1820 (site in both english and french)
  • Vernon C Davis & Company
    Supplier of locks, stocks & barrels for muzzle loaders
  • Versa Mount Security Box
    Secure storage with versatile mounting system, combined with a Simplex 5 button combination lock
  • The Vestpocket-Pistol-Collector
    Pictures and informations about vestpocket pistols for collectors and other friends of guns
  • Victorian Muzzle Loading Club
    Muzzle Loading & Black Powder Sports Shooting Club, with monthly competitions at SSAA Eagle Park Range near Little River, VIC
  • vihtavuori
    manufacturer of vihtavuori powders and lapua ammunition
  • Vintage Daisy BB Gun and Airgun Collectibles
    Site with a message board, auction, and links
  • Vipers Softair Club Official Site
    Sito ufficiale del club di softair Vipers. Iscrivetevi passerete delle giornate adrelinalizzanti !
  • Virginia 1774
    The Legal Research and Information Site on the Right to a Well Regulated Militia and the Right to Keep and Bear arms in Virginia
  • The Virginia Gunstock Carver
    Clare Sieffert, The Virginia Gunstock Carver. I custom carve and paint decorative scrollwork, portraits and wildlife scenes on gunstocks
  • voyageur sportsman's paradise
    hunt black bear, whitetail deer, and upland birds in the wilderness of minnesota
  • VZ Grips
    Custom 1911 grips and hardware. Full and compact sizes, slim line and bobtails. Made out of the finest micarta we could find. Numerous colors and styles to choose from. Home of the Gator Back grip
  • Vård & Omsorgsutveckling i väst
    vård & omsorgsutveckling i väst är ett kunskapsföretag vars övergripande målsättning är att utgöra en inspirationskälla och utvecklingsresurs för offentliga och privata vård/omsorgsgivare.

Which of the following is NOT one of the "Three Ws" that should be included in every hunting plan?

What firearm you are hunting with.
Who you are with.
When you are returning.
Where you are going.


What technique can be described as "slow, patient movement of the hunter into shooting position after game has been located"?

Stand Hunting
Still Hunting


Which species is there federal hunting laws for?

Wood Duck
Ring-knecked pheasant
Snowshoe hare
White-tailed Deer


Which field carry provides the most firearm control?



Which choice is NOT recommended when approaching downed wildlife?

Approach quietly from behind.
Poke animal gently with a stick.
Touch the eye gently, if there's no reaction, animal is usually dead.
Shoot it again before approaching to make sure it is dead.


What is the technique known as "driving"?

One hunter sitting in a blind waiting for game to come along.
One hunter moving slowly and patiently into shooting position after game has been located.
One or more pushers walk through an area trying to move game ahead of them into areas wehre blockers are waiting.
One hunter driving a vehicle and a second hunter in the back set shooting through the open window.


Scouting an area you want to hunt should include:

Walk around the area on opening day with your firearm or bow.
Walk around the area looking for animal movements and signs.
Look at maps and aerial photos of the area.
Answers B and C.


Which of the following is NOT a reason why you should develop a hunting plan for every hunt?

So friends and family know how to contact you in case of emergency.
So you can use your hunting plan to start a fire if you get lost.
So fellow hunters know where you are located.
So friends and family know where you can be found in case of a hunting accident.


Which of these items should be on every checklist included in your hunting plan?

Hunting license


Which of these does NOT violate a hunting safety rule?

Carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle.
Keeping your finger on the trigger while stalking game.
Two hunters shooting at the same game.
Identifying what lies beyond an identified target.