Custom Shotgun Barrels for Sale and Custom Tactical Shotgun Barrels


A shotgun barrel is the metal tube through which the bullet exits the gun. This advancement in technology has led to a huge range of shotgun barrels with different diameters and lengths. These barrels can be single or double. The double barrel is further classified into over and under or side by side. A single barrel shotgun has only one barrel making it easy to handle and lighter. It is a wonderful option for beginners. An over and under double barrel has one barrel above the other while a side by side double barrel has barrels next to each other.

Shotgun barrels are typically longer than regular rifle barrels. This is because shotguns are used for shooting at small objects that move fast. Longer barrels swing slower and they offer greater stability due to greater inertia. This improves accuracy in aim. They are used mainly for shooting and other sporting purposes.

If you would like to have a barrel that is specific to your preference, you can easily customize your barrel. With the proper technical knowledge, you can easily customize your barrel according to your fancy. On the other hand, you can also look for custom-made shotgun barrels or custom tactical shotgun barrels.

Custom Shotgun Barrels

Experienced shooters would only use custom shotgun barrels, this is because different people have different needs and a standard manufactured shotgun may not have the perfect type of barrel for your purpose. Other than the length, there are other additions for the barrels. A rifle sight can be added to the barrel. This enables you to have a clear sight view. It can be threaded for choke view if needed. Diameter lengths vary too and they can be customized as per your choice. Backboring your barrel by increasing the diameter of the bore greatly improves the performance of the barrel and reduces friction. Additionally, you can attach a sleeve or chamber ring to your barrel or even extend it.

Custom Tactical Shotgun Barrels

In the tactical shotgun, you can use the Vang Comp system to enhance your shotgun. This involves increasing the length of the forcing cone, backboring the barrels, and adding ports to compensate. This improves accuracy and reduces recoil. A light can also be attached to the barrel with the help of a clamp for use during the night.

If you are looking for custom shotgun barrels, there are many choices on the Internet. Some manufacturers can produce custom shotgun barrels for you. You will also find many ready-made custom shotgun barrels. Here are some places to find custom shotgun barrels for sale.

  • Shotgun World: Great resource center for shotguns, including custom barrels.
  • R&D Custom Barrel: Come here for complete customization of your shotgun.
  • Gary’s Guns: Provides various shotgun barrel modifications.
  • Gun Barrel Guy: Here’s you guy to perfect your barrel customization for turkey shooting.
  • Vang Comp Systems: Offers customization of tactical shotguns.
  • E.R. Shaw: A leader in custom shotgun barrels.
  • R&R Arms: A place to find many custom shotgun barrels.
  • Seminole: Provides custom barrel work like backboring, choke installation, lengthened forcing cones, and more.
  • NexTag: Comparison chart for many custom shotgun barrels.
  • Orvis: Premier shotgun manufacturer with barrel modification services.
  • Rob Roberts: Offers shotgun barrel customization services.
  • BirdnClay Shotguns: Another shotgun manufacturer providing custom barrels.
  • Clio Gun Shop: Provides gun repair and custom gunsmith services.
  • Custom Gun: A gun expert who offers custom barrel work.
  • Double Shotguns: Side by side double barrel specialist with customization services.

Which of the following is NOT one of the "Three Ws" that should be included in every hunting plan?

What firearm you are hunting with.
Who you are with.
When you are returning.
Where you are going.


What technique can be described as "slow, patient movement of the hunter into shooting position after game has been located"?

Stand Hunting
Still Hunting


Which species is there federal hunting laws for?

Wood Duck
Ring-knecked pheasant
Snowshoe hare
White-tailed Deer


Which field carry provides the most firearm control?



Which choice is NOT recommended when approaching downed wildlife?

Approach quietly from behind.
Poke animal gently with a stick.
Touch the eye gently, if there's no reaction, animal is usually dead.
Shoot it again before approaching to make sure it is dead.


What is the technique known as "driving"?

One hunter sitting in a blind waiting for game to come along.
One hunter moving slowly and patiently into shooting position after game has been located.
One or more pushers walk through an area trying to move game ahead of them into areas wehre blockers are waiting.
One hunter driving a vehicle and a second hunter in the back set shooting through the open window.


Scouting an area you want to hunt should include:

Walk around the area on opening day with your firearm or bow.
Walk around the area looking for animal movements and signs.
Look at maps and aerial photos of the area.
Answers B and C.


Which of the following is NOT a reason why you should develop a hunting plan for every hunt?

So friends and family know how to contact you in case of emergency.
So you can use your hunting plan to start a fire if you get lost.
So fellow hunters know where you are located.
So friends and family know where you can be found in case of a hunting accident.


Which of these items should be on every checklist included in your hunting plan?

Hunting license


Which of these does NOT violate a hunting safety rule?

Carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle.
Keeping your finger on the trigger while stalking game.
Two hunters shooting at the same game.
Identifying what lies beyond an identified target.