Surplus Military Rifles: Military Rifles For Sale

From the time of World War II to the present, numerous surplus military rifles from various parts of the world have arrived in the United States. A large percentage of these rifles are sold to civilians, who use them for recreational purposes, such as target shooting and hunting. Surplus military rifles were initially produced for military use, either as weapons for warfare or training. Sometimes, militaries order new rifles and they want to get rid of old ones, or they have a lot of rifles remaining after a war. These surplus rifles are mostly in good condition, and they are sold to firearm distributors and stores at very low prices.

One of the main reasons why rifle users choose to purchase surplus military rifles is because they are inexpensive compared to ordinary recreational rifles. They are high quality rifles that are specifically chosen by militaries because they are reliable and easy to use. Most surplus military rifles do not need frequent reloading, and their ammunition are widely available in the market. This makes them a suitable choice for beginner rifle users. Nonetheless, they are heavier than recreational rifles. While a light rifle usually weighs about 5 pounds, a military rifle can weigh up to more than 10 pounds. Some of the more popular surplus military rifles include the AK-47, AR-15, Mauser Model 98, 1903 Springfield, .30 M1 Carbine, Lee-Enfield Jungle Carbine, and Swedish Mausers.

Although surplus military rifles can be found in some local gun stores, it is better to purchase them online, because there is a much larger selection of these rifles on the Internet. Many online gun stores, gun warehouses, and firearm auction sites offer surplus military rifles. In addition, there are websites that specialize in selling such rifles. Alternatively, gun buyers can go to firearm classified ads websites, where they can purchase military rifles from private sellers and dealers.

Gun buyers should spend time doing some comparison shopping first before they purchase surplus military rifles. They should find out the prices of rifles that they are interested in from a few different sellers, and then choose the seller that offers the lowest price. The best thing to do is to buy surplus military rifles from reputable firearm sellers, because these sellers offer rifles that are in good conditions, and some of them also provide excellent customer service.

Before ordering surplus military rifles on the Internet, gun buyers are required to find a Federal Firearms License holder in their localities. Firearms that are purchased online will not be delivered directly to the homes of gun buyers; instead, they will be sent to the Federal Firearms License holder first, and then released to the buyers. Many local gun stores and dealers act as Federal Firearms License holders, and they charge a small fee for their services.

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Which of the following is NOT one of the "Three Ws" that should be included in every hunting plan?

What firearm you are hunting with.
Who you are with.
When you are returning.
Where you are going.


What technique can be described as "slow, patient movement of the hunter into shooting position after game has been located"?

Stand Hunting
Still Hunting


Which species is there federal hunting laws for?

Wood Duck
Ring-knecked pheasant
Snowshoe hare
White-tailed Deer


Which field carry provides the most firearm control?



Which choice is NOT recommended when approaching downed wildlife?

Approach quietly from behind.
Poke animal gently with a stick.
Touch the eye gently, if there's no reaction, animal is usually dead.
Shoot it again before approaching to make sure it is dead.


What is the technique known as "driving"?

One hunter sitting in a blind waiting for game to come along.
One hunter moving slowly and patiently into shooting position after game has been located.
One or more pushers walk through an area trying to move game ahead of them into areas wehre blockers are waiting.
One hunter driving a vehicle and a second hunter in the back set shooting through the open window.


Scouting an area you want to hunt should include:

Walk around the area on opening day with your firearm or bow.
Walk around the area looking for animal movements and signs.
Look at maps and aerial photos of the area.
Answers B and C.


Which of the following is NOT a reason why you should develop a hunting plan for every hunt?

So friends and family know how to contact you in case of emergency.
So you can use your hunting plan to start a fire if you get lost.
So fellow hunters know where you are located.
So friends and family know where you can be found in case of a hunting accident.


Which of these items should be on every checklist included in your hunting plan?

Hunting license


Which of these does NOT violate a hunting safety rule?

Carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle.
Keeping your finger on the trigger while stalking game.
Two hunters shooting at the same game.
Identifying what lies beyond an identified target.